In this genre it is possible to insert many other genres without detracting in any way from the respective plot. Indeed, the genre is famous for this cross-pollination. Also, the opportunity to create an entirely alternative reality beyond any possibility of it ever eventually becoming real is certainly a beguiling challenge, and one that has bequeath to the reader some of the most famous stories of all time.

A further challenge, particularly when writing for children, is to express interesting and complex ideas, (say morality and kindness, to name but two), in an easily accessible and enjoyable language without in any way minimising the social value and significance of said ideas.

Writing a fantasy is also attractive because it is possible to recapture some of embryonic thoughts of one’s own childhood and give them a new lease of life, give them a job to do, so to speak. It is also a chance to be ridiculous and absurd, the more so the better in my opinion.

Frog Legends

In their ceaseless travels across the globe, two, moderately inebriated Frogs of Renown have inspired all whom they have met. From the Continent to Asia, and from the Americas to the British Isles, their exploits have literally become the stuff of legend.

Word World

The Adventures of Piano and Ditto

A lonely child has only an old, dog-eared dictionary and a faded, gilded-framed mirror to keep him company. Words are his only toys, the reflection in the mirror his only friend. In their company he sets out on a series of adventures, hoping one day to meet the Lord of all Dreamers.